Lear Selma is owned and operated by Lear Corporation, a global leader in automotive seating and electrical distribution. We have over 130,000 employees at 235 plants in 34 countries, and we provide nearly 700 Alabamians with quality jobs.

Lear is a caring company, providing good jobs in safe working conditions wherever it does business.

You may have read about Lear Selma in the past few months. Recently, we’ve been attacked in the media by some who distort and mislead to suit their own selfish agenda.

In fact, we’ve been on the receiving end of quite a few half-truths, inaccuracies and just plain falsehoods.

Because we care about our good name and reputation, we’ve created this Website to set the record straight, especially on the issues of worker safety, and wages and benefits.

Browse this site to separate Myth vs. Fact about Lear Selma.